Yuma Southern Baptist Association
Friday, August 23, 2019
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Christian Challenge at AWC

Food Pantry List

We were approached on campus as we established our club to take ownership of a food pantry for students who cannot afford meals.  It would consist of non perishable items that can easily be given to students twice a week. 

We would love to give the local churches an opportunity to be a part of this. Below is a list of items needed!



- Granola Bars
- Pop Tarts
-Energy Bars
-Individual Apple Sauce
-Top Ramen
-Bottled water
-Beef Jerky
-Cans of Tuna
-Single serving canned chili
-Single serving canned stew
-Assorted soups
-Spaghetti O's/ Ravioli
-Single serving fruit cups
-Single serving mac n cheese
-Individual boxes of raisins
-Individual crackers
-Individual assorted chips
-Microwave popcorn
-Cup O Noodles
-Single serving oatmeal